Sting – William and Mary Hall – Williamsburg, VA 1985-11-08


kirkland liveLast night at William and Mary Hall, Sting, the celebrated British bass guitar-playing rocker, actor and former member of the Police, packed a dynamic performance for a near-capacity crowd of 8,600.

Serving up offerings of rhythm and blues, jazz, blues

Recorded 08-11-1985
City:  Williamsburg, New York
Place: William and Mary Hall  VA 23185, USA







  1. Shadows in the Rain
  2. Driven to Tears
  3. Consider Me Gone
  4. Children’s Crusade
  5. One World > Love Is The Seventh Wave  > One World
  6. We Work The Black Seam
  7. Bring On The Night > When The World Is Running
  8. Audience participation > Another Day
  9. Moon Over Bourbon Street
  10. Fortress Around Your Heart
  11. Low Life
  12. Chat to fade

Sting – voice
Kenny Kirkland: keyboards
Omar Hakim: Drums
Branford Marsalis : Sax



Heidelberg (Eppelheim) Rhein-Neckar-halle West-Germany 27 november 1985


This the concert recorder in Germany 27 november 1985 in Heidelberg (Eppelheim) Rhein-Neckar-halle West-Germany

Sting – guitar, vocals
Omar Hakim – drums
Kenny Kirkland – keyboards
Darryl Jones -bass
Branford Marsalis – saxophones
Dolette McDonald – backing vocals
Janice Pendarvis – backing vocals

01 Shadows In The Rain
02 Driven To Tears
03 Children’s Crusade
04 Down So Long
05 One World/Love Is The Seventh Wave
06 Tea In The Sahara
07 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
08 Low Life
09 I Burn For You (great drum solo)
10 Roxanne
11 Consider Me Gone
12 Fortress Around Your Heart
13 Every Breath You Take
14 Need Your Love So Bad
15 Dream Of The Blue Turtles/Demolition Man
16 Message In A Bottle

Sting – Bring on the Night


Anno: 1986
Etichetta: A&M

Registrato Live

Disco 1
Lato A
Bring on the Night / When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around (live in Parigi)
Consider Me Gone (live in Parigi)
Low Life (live in Roma)
Lato B
We Work the Black Seam (live in Parigi)
Driven to Tears (live in Parigi)
The Dream of the Blue Turtles / Demolition Man (live in Parigi)
Disco 2 [modifica]
Lato C
One World (Not Three) / Love is the Seventh Wave (live in Parigi)
Moon Over Bourbon Street (live in Parigi)
I Burn for You (Live in Arnhem)
Lato D
Another Day (Live in Roma)
Children’s Crusade (Live in Arnhem)
Down So Long (Live in Arnhem)
Tea in the Sahara (Live in Arnhem)

Sting: chitarra elettrica, basso, voce
Darryl Jones: basso
Branford Marsalis: sassofono
Kenny Kirkland: tastiera
Omar Hakim: batteria
Janice Pendarvis: cori
Dolette McDonald: cori

Sting – The Dream of the Blue Turtles

Original Release Date: 1985
Number of Discs: 1
Label: A&M
ASIN: B000002GFA


  • Sting: voce, chitarra, basso vocale in Moon Over Bourbon Street
  • Omar Hakim: batteria, percussioni
  • Kenny Kirkland: tastiere
  • Darryl Jones: basso
  • Branford Marsalis: sassofono, percussioni
  • Dollette McDonald: cori
  • Janice Pendarvis: cori
  • Pete Smith, Sting, Danny Q, Elliot Jones, Jane Alexander, Vic Garbarini, The Nannies Chorus, Rosemary Purt, Stephanie Crewdson, Joe, Kate, Michael Sumner: cori
  • Dominic Muldowney: arrangiamento in Moon Over Bourbon Street
  • Eddy Grant: congas in Consider Me Gone
  • Frank Opolko: trombone in Love is the Seventh Wave


  1. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free – 4:16
  2. Love is the Seventh Wave – 3:32
  3. Russians – 3:58
  4. Children’s Crusade – 5:02
  5. Shadows in the Rain – 4:51
  6. We Work the Black Seam – 5:42
  7. Consider Me Gone – 4:21
  8. The Dream of the Blue Turtles – 1:18
  9. Moon Over Bourbon Street – 4:01
  10. Fortress Around Your Heart – 4:39

Michal Urbaniak – Facts of Life

Michal Urbaniak

Label: Love Records
ASIN: B0018I925C
Also Available in: Vinyl
Recorded at the Right Track Studios, New York, 1983

Michal Urbaniak : violin
Larry Coryell : guitars
Urszula Dudziak : voice
Kenny Kirkland : keyboards
Victor Bailey : bass guitar
Omar Hakim : drums
Brian Keane : rhythm guitar on 3,6,7

1 Facts Of Life
2 Tango
3 Just Like Being Born
4 Body Rub
5 The Other Side
6 Nothing Is Forever
7 Fon Wolfgang Amadeus
8 Kasia