Branford Marsalis – Zellerbach Theater, Berkeley, CA (01/16/93)


  • Label: Bootleg
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Released: 1993

Live recording dated 01/16/93
Place: Zellerbach Theater, Berkeley, CA


Tracks CD1:

  1. Intro
  2. Mr Steepee
  3. Skit-Dat-De-Dat (Armstrong)
  4. Stretto from the Ghetto
  5. Intro for Albert Collins
  6. Frosty (with Albert Collins)
  7. Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home (with Albert Collins)
  8. Black Cat Bone (with Albert Collins)
  9. Brother Trying To Catch A Cab (On The East Side) Blues


Tracks CD2:

  1. Down Home Blues  (with Linda Hopkins)
  2. Meet Me with Your Black Drawers On (with Albert Collins and Linda Hopkins)
  3. Whatever You Do, It’s Up To You ? (with Albert Collins and Linda Hopkins)


Branford Marsalis – Sax
Albert Collins – vocals and guitar
Linda Hopkins – vocals
Kenny Kirkland – piano
Robert Hurst III – bass
Jeff “Tain” Watts – drumss