Shunzo Ohno – Quarter Moon

Quarter Moon

Published: 1981

All tunes written by Shunzo Ohno
Recorded 20-29 May 1979 at Electric Lady Studio, New York.
Produced by Shigeyuki Kawashima and George Nishimura for Wave Inc.
Engineer David Wittman

Shunzo Ohno – Trumpet & Keyboards
Jeff Laton – Guitar
TM Stevens – Bass
Marcus Miller – Bass
Carter Jefferson – Sax
Onaje Allan Gumbs – Keyboards
Kenny Kirkland – Keyboards
Victor Lewis – Drums
Sue Evans – Congas
Vivien Cherry,
Yvonne Lewis and
Ullanda McCullough – Background Vocals



  1. Fatback
  2. May
  3. Jeff
  4. In The Sky
  5. Autumn Rain
  6. The Dawn
  7. Quarter Moon
  8. We Will

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