Pioneer DV-380

pioneer dv-380

Firmware by Gufiak Firmware utilizzato precedentemente
Firmware originale 1.21 Firmware che sto’ utilizzando al momento e ho notato un grosso miglioramento della qualità video guardando i divx; i colori sono piu’ reali, il video e’ meno scuro e ci sono meno scubettamenti. (non c’e’ una schermata accativante come quello di Gufiak ma a me interessa vedere bene i film)

Lista di FAQ per questo lettore divx

Created by ipunis
Standard Functions

Q: How to see firmware revision of my DVD player.

A: In “Inicial Settings” positione on “Options” and then press
Display button on your remote controll. On the bottom of the
your TV appear reggion and firmware.

Q: I install MtkFontCreator MTKReMaker but I am afraid to install my
own modified FWs in case it gets dead.

A: Using these two tools it’s almost impossible to kill your player. In
the worst case you can have only problems with displaying texts and
divx/xvid subs. And that can be fixed by replacing firmware with
original or modified one.
Q: The DVD I am trying to watch is Black and White?

A: Set your player to PAL.

Q: Can I expect the same audio/video quality for the other sources (CD,
DVD Video, DivX…)?

A: Yes.

Q: How can I turn my player to PAL system?

A: Turn off your player and power it on while holding “Next” >>| key on
front panel. Do it many times until you’ll see “PAL” text on display.
Q: How do I play HD DivX/XviD on my player

A: HD DivX/XViD is not supported. The limits of video resolution in Pioneer
is 720×576 (PAL)

Q: Some of my movies do not play regulary and they were compressed with GMC
option turned on (Global Motion Compenzation).

A: All players have problems with 3 warppoint GMC. 1 and 2 warppoint GMC
works OK. The same situation with packed bitstream. Some movies with
PB works OK.

Q: How to flash firmware?

A: It’s just so.

1. Burn the B5CA****.BIN file on CD. Burn program
Nero must be set in the folowing way:

ISO Data mode = Mode 1
File system = ISO 9660 only
File name lenght (ISO) = Max of 11 = 8+3 chars ( level 1)
Character set = ISO 9660
Label — PIONEER <--Capital letters-- Burn -- 4x 2. put the CD in PLAYER. 3. Close the disc tray. 4. On TV appear message to press Play if you want to flash. Press it. 5. The CD is eject (disc tray is open). 5. Remove the CD. 6. Wait a few minutes while the player is upgrading (about 5 or 10 minutes) 7. When the disc tray finally close again, it's READY! Q: Is it possible to downgrade firmware? A: Yes, use the same procedure like for upgrading, just burn older firmware. Q: Can we use al the original firmware and modded firmware of the dv-585 for updating the 380? A: YES. It's compatible with all DV-2850/380/383/585/588 pioneer divx players. Q: What all should do after upgrading to gufiak's firmware is to reset to firmware's default settings. A: The player resets it self to "Fresh out of the box" mode when you up-/downgrade the firmware. Q: Is there a possibility to turn back to my original fw if something is going wrong ??? A: Yes. Q: Is there anyway to disable autoshutdown after ~30mins.? A: Maybe it is, but why for? If you are using your player, it will not turn off. And when you are not using it then why should your player be turned on? Q: Is it possible to make player remember the point of stop for mpeg4 movies to resume after the player was swiched of or (and) to make a few steps for FF/REW through mpeg4 ? A: You can write down (use any pen and paper) the "time point" you stop the MPEG4. When you want to view the video again, you just "GOTO" that time point. The player has this option on its menus. Q: Is it possible to add "go to certain time" function when watching DivX movies? I mean, when I like to watch certain part of movie, I must rewind to to some specific time, which is very annoying. A: This function is already present. Just enter the main menu->play mode->search->time search and enter the time…voila.
Note: This is only possible when you are already watching the movie
(play mode). This make sence since there could many movies on the disc
and the player must now which one that is current

Q: What player exactly has the version 1.09 of the firmware been
extracted from?

A: It doesn’t matter from which player it was extracted. This version exists
and it’s loaded to the newest players which in most cases are still in the
magazines. DV-2850, DV-380 and DV-585 has the same (identical) firmwares.
If you will backup firmwares from these three models, you will not able to
find any difference in these three backups.

Q: I am not able to see the file list or menu when I play audio CDs

A: It’s also normal. You can’t see the files on audio CDs because there are
no files on these CDs. Files are only on MP3/WMA CDs.

Q: Can I update 1.09.02 from my official 1.09.01 directly?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: The subtitle timing is still crippled. I mean, when moving FF/REW through
some movies, the subtitles just disappear… sometimes they show back
after awhile, sometimes only playing from the start works as solution
for this.

A1: This is a known bug in all firmware versions and it could be workaround
with this trick: After FF or FR you should press pause and then play
instead for just play. This works everytime for me. If you loose the
sub you can always pause and the skip one fram forward and continue the
playback to get the sub back.

A2: Yes, this solution works but not always. Sometimes pressing play after
pause is not enough. In this case I’m using this sequence of keys: pause,
ff, play. After that subtitles will appear in each case.
Q: Hi its diferent the firmware dv-380 from the dv-470 ?

A: Functionally they are almost the same, but hardwares are a little bit
different and these firmwares are incompatible.

Code Page & DivX/XviD subtitle FAQ

Q: I am intrested which fonts do you use for different font sizes.

A: Font [0B-0C] – CP1250 – small font
Font [0D-0E] – CP1251 – default font
Font [0F-10] – CP1255 – big font
Font [11-12] – CP1254 – very big font

Q: Is it possible to show the subtitles backwards (in Hebrew)?

A: It’s impossible.

Q: Which codepage to use for Portuguese?

The best CodePage for Portuguese language is the CP 1254 (Turkish).
It is the only (from the 4 choices you offer) able to display all of
portuguese accent marks. You can add this information in your doc files.

Q: Which codepage to use for german ?

A: Use CP1252.
Enhanced (gufiak firmware) Functions
Q: Nothing happends when I press and hold the “enter” button.

A: It works. Hold this key longer (few seconds) in any time. Don’t release
this button until your player will turn off.

Q: How to make my DVD player Multiregion?

A: By holding down the key on the remote control (secondary function)
for a few secconds. To get back on reggion that was used before set to
reggion free hold for a fwe secconds Clear key on remote control.

Q: What happens when the player is set to codefree “ENTER-secondary function”
and then turned off (not only standby)? Will the region setting returned
to original after turning on or still be 0?

A: No, it will be still region free. Even after changing firmware for any
other, original too. The only one way to bring back the original region
is holding the “Clear” key.

Q: I changed to the DV380 Firmware 1.07 and it essentially just region-free’d
my DV383. So far, so good.

A: When you have free’d the region with my firmware then your player will be
region free on each firmware. This 1.07 firmware is not region free.

Q: After a few discs were inserted, the menu highlight buttons were
completely off-centre.

A: Yes, but it can be fixed by changing to Pan&Scan or Letterbox by holding
‘5’ key longer on remote controller.

Q: Does the new firmware make any changes in the handling of this files?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: I can’t see Pioneer screen saver.

A: In gufiak modified firmware it is removed.

Q: Do the volume controll (key 1 and 4 enhanced on RC) work on both analog
and digital out?

A: Yes.

Q: Do the Treble Boost, Bass Boost and Super Bass from Audio menu work on
both analog and digital out?

A: Yes.

Q: Subtitles color, position, background doesn’t work on DVD´s ?

A: Firmware can only manage DivX subtitles, not DVD’s. The DVD subtitles
comes with DVD disc and as picture (bitmap) and it is not possible to
change their apparence.

Q: 0 – Dimmer VDF (turns on or off the display on the frontpanel – no dimmer)

A: There is 3 levels of brightness and blank display – works.

Q: goto button on RC?

A: You have a “Play mode” button. Just use it.
Q: When i change image sharpness menu sharpness also changes.

A: It’s not a bug. It’s normal. When you are changing the image properties
then you are not changing only movie/jpeg properties but whole screen

Q: Should .ogm-videos work with this firmwire?

A: If you are unable to play it try to change the extension to ogg.

Q: If there are more subtitle files in the folder, but not with the same
name as the movie, is it possible to select one of them? How?

A: By pressing SUBTITLE key on RC. You can’t see the name of subtitle file,
you see only 1/N, 2/N, … N/N indicator. This only works with subtitles
with different name on modified firmware, and activated
“See all subtitles” option.

Q: And I have funny felling that my center channel was louder before.
I am not saying that it has something to do with new firmware. Does
anybody know how to make it more louder? (I have analog 5.1 speakers)

A: There are actually at least two settings that affects the center
channel volume.

1. In Audio Settings you have Audio DRC. This can be set to decrease
(settings high) the dynamic range for the audo- This means that
low level sounds ( often the dialog in the center) will be increased
compared to the higher effect sounds (in left right speaker).
2. In Audio Settings you have Dialog. THis will control the dialog
level (and again dialog means the center speaker in reality)

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  1. ciao. ho seguito le tue istruzioni per aggiornare il firmware del mio pioneer dv 380 con il file originale 1.21 ma non mi funziona: mi dice “impossibile riprodurre il disco”. Che faccio per aggiornare il fw? Grazie, ciao

  2. veramente su NERO: dopo aver seguito il tuo procedimento, NUOVA COMPILATION, ETICHETTA: ho selezionato “Automatico” e su “nome del disco” ho inserito “PIONEER”. Era così che dovevo fare? ciao e grazie

  3. si cosi va bene, controlla che aver messo nel file-system “SOLO ISO 9660”
    a questo punto deve andare, tra l’altro io uso un disco riscrivibile RW
    fammi sapere!

  4. Ragazzi… Chi mi aiuta per favore?
    Cerco soluzioni semplici per aggiornare i Codeck sul mio pioner dv380.
    Ho problemi di vettura su alcuni DIVX
    Ringrazio in anticipo chi mi aiuta!

  5. ciao gigi, hai aggiornato con il firmware 1.21 presente qui sul mio blog? e’ l’ultima versione e rispetto a quello che avevo quando l’ho comprato e’ migliorato parecchio, anche i colori e i contrasti sono migliorati molto sui divx.

  6. Hi,

    I am using pioneer DV-360 DVD player. Is it possible to change the screensaver appearing time. If possible then kindly tell the same.

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