Sting – William and Mary Hall – Williamsburg, VA 1985-11-08


kirkland liveLast night at William and Mary Hall, Sting, the celebrated British bass guitar-playing rocker, actor and former member of the Police, packed a dynamic performance for a near-capacity crowd of 8,600.

Serving up offerings of rhythm and blues, jazz, blues

Recorded 08-11-1985
City:  Williamsburg, New York
Place: William and Mary Hall  VA 23185, USA







  1. Shadows in the Rain
  2. Driven to Tears
  3. Consider Me Gone
  4. Children’s Crusade
  5. One World > Love Is The Seventh Wave  > One World
  6. We Work The Black Seam
  7. Bring On The Night > When The World Is Running
  8. Audience participation > Another Day
  9. Moon Over Bourbon Street
  10. Fortress Around Your Heart
  11. Low Life
  12. Chat to fade

Sting – voice
Kenny Kirkland: keyboards
Omar Hakim: Drums
Branford Marsalis : Sax