Zabbix Ruckus Unleashed Template 1

I’ve created a Zabbix Template for Ruckus Unleashed access point, monitor if all your access point in the network are online.

You must “enable snmp” on master.

You must create a host with the ip of the master and add the macros  {$SNMP_COMMUNITY} with the name of your community (example: public).

Modify in Template the trigger “Rukus Access Point Offline” with the number of your access point.

Add in your zabbix server the mib of Ruckus in your snmp


Ruckus Mib
zabbix Templates Ruckus


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Un commento su “Zabbix Ruckus Unleashed Template

  • Piamontesa

    Hello Hidaba,

    First at all, thanks for this post. I have checked this template and i wonder how can I get for example Serial Number for diferent member APs (not only for the Master).

    For the Master I set this OID for Serial number: .
    For the member APs I set this OID for Serial number: .[“index”,”″,”{$HOST.IP}”]

    But I don´t obtain those Serial Numbers…

    Thanks in advanced.