Serenade For The City – Michal Urbaniak

Original Released: 1980 with Label Motown This production has been re-issued by the artist himself on his label UBX but with a different cover, some of the compositions have undergone a title change and there are 3 extra tracks not available in the original release. Personnel are: Michal Urbaniak on violin and lyricon Barry Eastmond… Continua a leggere Serenade For The City – Michal Urbaniak

Shunzo Ohno – Quarter Moon

Published: 1981 All tunes written by Shunzo Ohno Recorded 20-29 May 1979 at Electric Lady Studio, New York. Produced by Shigeyuki Kawashima and George Nishimura for Wave Inc. Engineer David Wittman MUSICIANS: Shunzo Ohno – Trumpet & Keyboards Jeff Laton – Guitar TM Stevens – Bass Marcus Miller – Bass Carter Jefferson – Sax Onaje… Continua a leggere Shunzo Ohno – Quarter Moon

Kazumi Watanabe – To Chi Ka

  Label: Columbia Released: 1980 Genre: Fusion MUSICIANS: Kazumi Watanabe : acoustic nad electric guitars, guitar synth Warren Bernhardt : synthesizer, keyboards, oberheim Michael Brecker : tenor sax Peter Erskine : drums Kenny Kirkland: piano, keyboards Joe Caro: guitar Sammy Figueroa: percussion Tony Levin: bass, fretless bass Mike Mainieri : vibraphone Marcus Miller : bass… Continua a leggere Kazumi Watanabe – To Chi Ka

David Liebman – What It Is

Disco abbastanza introvabile poi comparso su iTunes e preso al volo, un disco Fusion carino, niente di particolare ma piacevole il pezzo preferito dell’album è “You Only See You”. E’ stato pubblicato nel 1980 con l’etichetta Columbia.  Musicisti: David Liebman on sax John Scofield on guitar Kenny Kirkland on keyboards Marcus Miller on bass Steve… Continua a leggere David Liebman – What It Is